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Tiger mother's battle song is road to hell

Professor Cai Chinese-American children's high expectations for their children to education and strict parenting two daughters, to their academic excellence in music training as a child prodigy. Her work, "tiger mother's battle song" controversial, causing some of the view that Chinese-style education to overcome the mother demanding a U.S. mother. Tiger mother's educational philosophy is really a success?
"Tiger Mom" ​​Amy Chua child for children under the "10 are not allowed", including the content, "No night out, not allowed to watch TV or play video games, are not allowed to have scores lower than subjects A, in addition to sports and drama, other subjects are not allowed to get the first, is not allowed to practice the piano and violin; even prohibit the school group to participate in recreational activities, are not allowed to participate in school performances, did not attend school are not allowed to complain about performance, not allowed to arbitrarily choose extra-curricular activities, not standard practice the piano and musical instruments other than violin. "The" mother tiger "to do so, that is the reason why she thinks the threat can be reprimanded or even a way of pressuring the child, without the need to consider the feelings of the child, it is because a child born There is a "strong heart." This view, need to be successful, we should do, "ignoring the child's self-esteem, identify children must obey their parents, believe that children are not naive, parents need guidance."
Two daughters, Amy Chua children to develop into a remarkable musical prodigy, the argument is a strict upbringing success factors, this kind of talk is premature. Two daughters to become the musical prodigy, only shows that there is a talent, a certain degree of acquired training only. You know, to develop both musical prodigy behind the price, which is quite high. In a sense, but serious at the expense of children's future, which makes the child lose a lot of valuable things, which is a constant liability act. We can say that the child is completely happy childhood, free creativity, life and other resources to advance the opportunity to think, this is a hidden cost. Many Chinese tiger mother's planning system, a model for warehouse and production, created a miracle is just the surface. Some tiger mother through rigorous training, the children in the study achieved excellent results, and even admitted to Tsinghua University and other prestigious Beijing University, which looks pretty scenery. At the same time, the child who has left a lot of defects, defects of personality which may occur, or very poor ability to adapt to society. We can see that some people reading good grades, but do not know how to get along with others, even friends are few.
Under the planned economy, with highly educated, perhaps a good job. After all, when the state is the organization of work, but the market economy conditions, only highly educated, or not, but also need a lot of factors. Therefore, the tiger mother to child to develop a highly educated person, does not mean you can find a good job. Tiger mother through intensive training, the child may become very good academic results, there is a premise that the child character more obedient. If people like me, once forced to face the tiger mother's way, perhaps I would rebel, or even appear to die in exchange for freedom. Therefore, the tiger mother's failures is considerable, countless.
Many parents are teaching children to study hard, single-minded to learn, to improve performance on the line, all other things are not to worry about. Some parents also renowned for their children well behaved, said the child back to school to learn, TV does not look, do not play the game, not hanging out with friends. Sometimes, teachers to the children as an example, called on everyone to learn from him. In fact, this practice is very harmful, and which led directly to the imbalance of development of children. This gives her children a false impression, as if reading score is good as long as, in the future we will be there as well. At the same time, this high-pressure conditions, even if the child can achieve very good results in school, but lead to psychological fragility, and even serious mental health problems. Therefore, many people the psychological ability is poor, some setbacks on the psychological repression. This depression can not be released soon, will lead to depression mental illness, would lead to serious suicide. Tiger Mom just blindly go for the child's academic performance, not teaching children how to face setbacks, which is quite dangerous.
You know, the ultimate goal in life is happiness, money, fame, success, love and other things only a means only. Therefore, parents should help children to maximize the effectiveness of his entire life, not his own idea that the success criteria to enhance the children. Can a happy childhood, which his life would have a huge impact. If a person is not happy childhood, grew up a certain level of defects. Therefore, I think our children to study score good or bad is not the most important, important is to give him a happy environment for the growth, to optimism to life. Regardless of future studies or career, you succeed or fail, fail or whatever, can calm to face.
Interest is trained, which requires parents to give their children a relaxed environment for children to find their own interests. Only children have interest in these things, be possible to have perseverance to stick to it. Chose patients with depression commit suicide, there is a very important reason is that he is not interested in any thing around, then spiritual lost sustenance. Once the encounter setbacks, they will embark on the road to ruin. Therefore, parents need to respect the child's choice, free choice basis, gradually to cultivate children's interest, so that children have a kind of spiritual belief. If not happy living thing, even if made great achievements, what is the point? Some children read good grades, but the lack of life skills, character, eccentric, personality is not perfect.
Mother tiger practice like the government by means of monetary policy to stimulate the economy, resulting in only short-term prosperity, and ultimately laid the crisis. A person got sick, you need the right medication, can be recovered through patient treatment, which requires a certain process. Tiger mother's behavior is equivalent to just a lot of oxygen to the patient, so the patient looks very spirit of the moment, but soon die. Tend to bring inflation to stimulate the economy, the tiger mother often bring personality to the child is not perfect, so regardless of the government or the parents of the child on the economy, should reduce interference.
Some tiger mothers feel the joy of their results, the tiger mom counter-examples have emerged. According to Taiwan, "Central News Agency" reports, "January 2011, the U.S. media published Chinese immigrant children written by Amy Chua," The Battle Hymn of the tiger mother, "the article, the high pressure caused by the U.S. private education means lively discussion in the United States now a mother living in Taiwan Cai Yi Lok, with laissez-faire approach, the same education as musical prodigy daughter, we joked that she was' sheep Mom 'now,' '11-year-old daughter, mother sheep Zhengyu Ting won the gold medal American Arts Festival, and invited to Niuyue Ka concert performances within the base. "
Two mothers advocating the opposite point of view, advocates of government-led mother tiger, gave the government to do all the arrangements, is a planned economy; sheep mother but wanted the government to withdraw from the economy, everything is left to the market. Tiger on the market do not trust the mother, is Marxist economics; sheep Mom is a free market believer, a very firm belief in free markets, is the Austrian school of economics. Tiger does not allow a child her mother's idea is to have their own choice, all things are carried out under the guidance of their parents; sheep mother is to give children maximum freedom, do not interfere with the child's choice.
"Sheep Mom" ​​Cai Yi Lok said, "did not force her daughter Zheng Yuting learning any skill, his daughter is 6 years old was chosen because of their interest in learning the piano; after more input, to begin teaching students one on one, or even daily independent practice 2 hours, completely not exhort others. "Meanwhile, her daughter Zhengyu Ting also like to watch TV, or do simple crafts, will also play games with his family, the same as with normal life.
Cai children are educated through rigorous training to become a musical prodigy two daughters, but not her two daughters out of their own interests and choices, which there are many hidden dangers exist. Cai Yi Lok's daughter has a personal interest in the initiative to make this choice, and the external force which is completely different. One is a passive interest, one is interested in the initiative, which is more vitality? Needless to say I think this is the answer.
From the perspective of the cost of education, the cost is the mother tiger is quite high, which is like big government, as a huge bureaucracy. Mother sheep the cost is very low, like small government, big society, individual rights can be effectively constrained. Mother and child there is a serious information asymmetry, the tiger mother's intervention will inevitably go wrong, this could be a disaster. Mom is like a sheep as night watchman, not easily intervene in the market.
Most of China is the tiger mother, the United States mostly sheep mother. The former advocates a planned economy, which advocates free market. Very interesting is that the U.S. is the land of the free market, but China, there are many long distance away from the free market. For both the mother's child prodigy daughter, in the end who's daughter to have the last laugh, this is so time to verify it.MBT Shoes.MBT UK.MBT Shoes UK

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Germany, France overturned three consecutive harvest

Parker and Dirk Nowitzki put on a great battle, Parker with 32 points, six assists and four rebounds per game beat Dirk Nowitzki, he led the team to play in two or three section between the established advantages of offensive climax in one fell swoop, France team beat Germany to get the group stage three in a row ... ...
Euro 2011 Lithuania continued, B group ended a focus on war. Parker beat the audience gains Nowitzki 32 points, he led the French team played in twenty-three offensive climax to widen the gap in one fell swoop, they finally beat Germany 76-65, the French team group stage three straight victories, two German teams wins and one loss.
Euro 2011 Lithuania continued, B group ended a focus on war. Parker beat the audience gains Nowitzki 32 points, he led the French team played in twenty-three offensive climax to widen the gap in one fell swoop, they finally beat Germany 76-65, the French team group stage three straight victories, two German teams wins and one loss.
France's Tony Parker scored 32 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals, Bartum get 14 points and 2 rebounds, Gerald Bell scored 10 points, Noah had eight points, seven rebounds and two steals, Dior had two points and four rebounds. Germany's Dirk Nowitzki had 20 points and 6 rebounds, Shafaqike had 12 points and three assists, Chris Kaman had 8 points and 5 rebounds.

France and Germany are in the field before two straight victories. Nowitzki started attacking mode after start, who scored 7 points, the German team to 11-2 start. Seraphim sent a note off the bench to break Tomahawk dunks boost team morale, but also to find Parker scored six points feeling, the French team in the first section of one minute 40 seconds chase 10-11. Dirk Nowitzki hit 3 successful, Bartum and Harman are two free throws, the German team to 16-12 lead four minutes, and ended the first section.

II began, both teams turn up two points, continues to lead the German team, Kaman layup, two free throws in the Tianjin, 3 minutes and 20 seconds before halftime, when the German team to 24-17 lead. Parker had opened personal score mode, he even took 4 minutes, then hit three assists and Gerald Bell, chase the French team 24-26. Nowitzki layup, Parker even took 5 minutes, the French team at halftime to 29-28 go-ahead 1 minute.MBT Shoes

France's Tony Parker scored 15 first half points, Gerald Bell had seven points; Germany's Dirk Nowitzki had 12 points and three rebounds, Chris Kaman had 8 points and 5 rebounds.

The early part of the two teams played the third quarter is still deadlocked, Harman three-point play successfully rewrite the score 33-34 after Parker scored five points, Gerald Bell also hit the third, who led his unit to play the wave of attacks 12-1, This section also 3 minutes and 50 seconds France to 46-34 lead. Germany recovered 5 minutes, but Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman both end break, which makes it more difficult to stop Parker, he scored eight points led his unit to 12-1 spurt to end the Festival, the French team after three quarters to 58-40 lead.

Germany in the fourth quarter comeback attempt, but they can not stop Parker's defensive attack, he scored 4 points and assists NOAA dunks, 5 minutes and 45 seconds before the whistle when the French team to 68-47 lead. End use of the opportunity to rest Parker, Dirk Nowitzki led his unit to counterattack wave hit 10-0, 3 minutes and 20 seconds before the whistle when the German team chase 57-68. Nowitzki made two free throws, Dior layup lesson, Bartum also send dunk, the French team to win the final to 76-65.MBT Shoes UK SaleMBT Chapa

France's starting lineup: Parker, Bartum, Gerald Bell, Christian Dior, NOAA

Germany's starting lineup: Harman, the Tianjin, Shafaqike, Dirk Nowitzki, Kaman

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Federer, Murray split "slow ball" view of their title rivals beh

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1 news, men's singles first round matches today, the British talent Andy Murray successfully cross the border. The first game was the No. 4 seed seems slow, he said: "He (deva Coleman) to play well. Before I saw his video games, he has some understanding of, and does not allow you to easily score , especially the beginning stages of the game. At first I was nervous, and made some bad decisions, but until I calm down, that is, the middle of the first set, the game becomes easy for some I in the second and third sets of play well, know how to play. "

Why nervous? Murray replied: "Because as a British player to participate in the majors, which can not be easy, after all, this contest started, will be under great pressure, but also faces competition had never played against, you want to To win the game, naturally a little nervous, but I am happy, because Grand Slam tournament nervous is normal. hope the next game I can play better. "

Since 1936 - Fred Perry and then stepped out of Britain after the Grand Slam singles champion, is now inherited from generation to generation, mission pressure in Murray's shoulders. 2005, Murray has won the U.S. Youth team championship in 2008, but also into the finals but eventually lost over Roger Federer. Many people talk about this guy in Scotland, where dreams come true, today his opponent deva Murray Coleman also have the opportunity to think.

"A lot of times he was just short (on the grand slam), and I think he won the Grand Slam just a matter of time." Deva Mann said: "I do not know what a Grand Slam, but I like the U.S. is very suitable for him in the past he has been doing very well here, so do not say that here two weeks ago he won the Cincinnati tournament champion, and now the U.S. is those who signed the table, the only difference is He needs to win the next three to five disk win. "

On his next round opponent Hasse, Murray said the good fight. "He was a formidable opponent, a few years ago put in Rafah Wimbledon he almost beat, I have obtained good preparations." Murray said: "He's very talented, serving well, and soon into the game rhythm and quickly pull in the big scene he was very good at playing, so I was ready to fight bitterly. "

Federer, winner of five before the start of this year, says Pianman ball, and then echoed by many players, but Murray did not agree, he said: "I think the speed (and last), as no significant difference between I that the main environmental impact of the weather, because when I first arrived here, the training a few days, I feel really a bit slow. can was cloudy, the temperature low and today the temperature rose, the ball is on the fast together. "
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